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Chi-Hoon: A Korean Girl


With photographs by Michael O’Brien

“McMahon has produced a portrait of a very real little girl.  The photographs are excellent, informative and sensibly placed, beautifully contrasting new and old Korea…Children will delight in this work; libraries will want this for its content as well as for its being an exemplar of how this type of book should be done.”  School Library Journal, starred review.

Book Links Best Book of the Last Five Years

Orbis Pictus Award Nominee

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Listen for the Bus: 

David's Story


With photographs by David Godt

“This fine book teaches kids …to embrace differences and give of themselves.  David’s story is for everyone.”  USA Today

A Smithsonian Notable Book for Children

International Board of Books for Young Outstanding Book for Young People with Disabilities

Parent Council Outstanding Book of the Year

Book Links Best Books of the Year

Orbis Pictus Award Nominee

Summer Tunes.jpg

Summer Tunes: A Martha's Vineyard Vacation


With photographs by Peter Simon

“Inventively balancing the particular and the near-universal, this warmhearted photo-essay documents a family’s summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard…McMahon’s conversational narrative moves fluidly and often humorously…” Publisher's Weekly

Kansas State Reading Circle

Six Words.jpg

Six Words, Many Turtles, and Three Days in Hong Kong


With photographs by Susan Drinker

“This book is an excellent slice of living theatre- with the text rolling along, the full-color photographs sharp, the colors and array of sights blinding, and the mood disarmingly matter-of-fact and authentic.”  Kirkus Reviews

“A captivating child’s-eye view of a complex society poised for big changes."  Booklist


One Belfast Boy


With photographs by Alan O’Connor

“A fine balance of hard-hitting facts and lyrical passages, McMahon’s searching portrait of one Belfast boy is also a haunting look at a ravaged city…McMahon’s skillful narrative…and preface cogently sorts out Ireland’s complex, strife-torn history.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This book provides a realistic glimpse of a place where peace has taken a fragile hold, and offers a reminder that the dreams of children can flourish amid misery.”  Kirkus Reviews

Dancing Wheels.jpg

Dancing Wheels


With photographs by John Godt

“Courage of a different sort is celebrated in Dancing Wheels.  In this extraordinary book, McMahon takes us behind the scenes of a Cleveland, Ohio dance company that works with both able-bodied and wheelchair-bound dancers…McMahon knows she has a great story to tell, and just tells it. There is no sappiness here…McMahon's text is clear and uncluttered and still manages to convey…information and emotion.”  The Washington Post

“This is an original addition to dance literature with the important added value of being part of the growing collection of books about children with special needs." School Library Journal.

Nominee for the Rhode Island Children’s Book Award


Just Add One Chinese Sister

Written with Conor Clarke McCarthy

Illustrated by Karen Jerome

Just Add One Chinese Sister is a true story of how one family’s life changed when it decided to adopt a little girl from China.  This is a story of joy, pain, leaving a homeland and starting life in a new world as a new family is formed.

Just Add One Chinese Sister is more than a beautiful picture book for children.  It is a lesson in storytelling that shows the value of honoring the seemingly insignificant and ordinary detail in life, making them extraordinary memories.” Adoption Today

Parents Choice Award

Nominee, Georgia State Peach Award.